Quick Closing Valve Control Box

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China Quick Closing Valve Control Box:

Quick Closing Valve Control Box is a remote control plant, which is suitable for fuel oil tank, lub oil tank and daily supplying fuel oil tank of ship, to shut off oil circuits and prevent the fire from spreading.

The compressed air is input from ship to the air receiver of air-powered quick-close valve control box. Air Pressure in the receiver can keep in setting valve through pressure controller. The air in the receiver divided into several ways by distributor. In case of emergency, open the plug quickly, the air-powered quick-close valve piston which is on the oil transferringpiple will be closed by air.


Type Capacity Input Pressure Output Pressure
SDC541-40 40L 0.7Mpa 0.7Mpa
SDC541-50 50L 0.7Mpa
SDC541-70 70L 0.7Mpa
SDC541-100 100L 0.7Mpa
SDC541-30A 30L 3.0Mpa
SDC541-40A 50L 3.0Mpa

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