IMPA 350172

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  • IMPA:350172
  • Name:P.V.C.Water Suction /Delivery Hose
  • Specification:Norminal Size:32mm,I.D.:32.0mm, O.D.:37.0mm,Working Pressure:6.0kgf/cm2,Weight per Mtr:360grm,Mtr Per Coil:50
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  • Place of Origin:China
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Made of P.V.C. smooth inner and outer surface.The extreme clarity makes it most suitable for application where visibility of flow is an important requirement.Easy to handle and carry.Designed for both suction and delivery.The plastic coil reinforcement gi

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350171P.V.C.Water Suction /Delivery HoseNorminal Size:25mm,I.D.:25.0mm, O.D.:30.0mm,Working Pressure:6.0kgf/cm2,Weight per Mtr:270grm,Mtr Per Coil:50
350173P.V.C.Water Suction /Delivery HoseNorminal Size:38mm,I.D.:38.0mm, O.D.:43.6mm,Working Pressure:4.5kgf/cm2,Weight per Mtr:480grm,Mtr Per Coil:50
350174P.V.C.Water Suction /Delivery HoseNorminal Size:50mm,I.D.:50.8mm, O.D.:58.5mm,Working Pressure:4.0kgf/cm2,Weight per Mtr:1,810grm,Mtr Per Coil:20
350175P.V.C.Water Suction /Delivery HoseNorminal Size:65mm,I.D.:63.5mm, O.D.:72.0mm,Working Pressure:3.5kgf/cm2,Weight per Mtr:1,180grm,Mtr Per Coil:20
350176P.V.C.Water Suction /Delivery HoseNorminal Size:75mm,I.D.:76.2mm, O.D.:85.0mm,Working Pressure:3.5kgf/cm2,Weight per Mtr:1,180grm,Mtr Per Coil:20
350177P.V.C.Water Suction /Delivery HoseNorminal Size:100mm,I.D.:101.2mm, O.D.:113.1mm,Working Pressure:3.5kgf/cm2,Weight per Mtr:2,550grm,Mtr Per Coil:20
350178P.V.C.Water Suction /Delivery HoseNorminal Size:125mm,I.D.:127.0mm, O.D.:139.0mm,Working Pressure:3.0kgf/cm2,Weight per Mtr:3,250grm,Mtr Per Coil:20
350179P.V.C.Water Suction /Delivery HoseNorminal Size:150mm,I.D.:152.4mm, O.D.:166.0mm,Working Pressure:2.5kgf/cm2,Weight per Mtr:4,250grm,Mtr Per Coil:20
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