Offshore Industry

Offshore supplies provided the fit-for-purpose mooring system to mobile or permanent, seme-sumbersible drilling rig, CALM Buoy, SALM Buoy, Turrent mooring, Spread Mooring.

Mooring Component:

Drag Anchor: MK3 Anchor, MK5 Anchor, MK6 Anchor.

Mooring Chain cable: R3 Mooring Chain, R4 Mooring Chain, R5 Mooring Chain.

Mooring Line-----Mooring Chain, Wire Rope, Synthetic Fibre Rope.

Connectors------ Bow Shackle, Kenter Shackle, Pear Link, C type Connecting Link,Swivel

Anchoring Point------Mooring Sinker, Drag Embedment Anchor, Vertical Load Anchor, Pile.

Steel Wire Rope

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