J Chain Chaser

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China J Chain Chaser:

J Chain Chasers is a tool for recovering embedded anchors deployed by the buoy and pennant method when the pennant has broken and the buoy drifted away.

The material of the chaser is not hard as the material of the wire and chain.This means that wear is taken by the chaser without damage to the chain and wire.


1.Excellent quality and competitive price .

2.Durable, long lifetime.
3. Standard or customerized.

It is attached by a work wire to the winch of the anchor handling tug and at approximately 1/3 of the water depth. After "snagging" the anchor chain, is towed into contact with the anchor shank and flukes enabling the tug to lift and board the anchor.

It will handle anchors to 30 tones in weight and stud link chain up to 4-1/2 inches diameter.

Technical drawing and picture will be offered.

J Type Chain Chasers Specification

PullLoad SWL Dimensions Weight
(Ton) (Ton) A B C D E F (kgs)
200 110 2459 1830 715 332 128 100 1885
400 250 2565 1923 699 457 191 165 2650

Customized Size can be supplied.

SWL 250 Ton, Proof Load 320Ton J Chain Chaser Hook

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