IMPA 350408

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  • IMPA:350408
  • Name:Rubber Hydraulic Hose
  • Specification:Working Pressure: 15kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:50mm,Actual I.D.:50.8mm, Actual O.D.:65.4mm,Braid:2B,Weight Per Mtr:1,720grm,Mtr Per Coil:50
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  • Place of Origin:China
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For use with hydraulic machine of low or medium pressure.Made of oil resistant rubber reinforced by synthetic fibre.Recommended oil from-30C up to 88C.

Rubber Hydraulic Hose Related Products

350401Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 15kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:6mm,Actual I.D.:6.3mm, Actual O.D.:12.3mm,Braid:1B,Weight Per Mtr:130grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350402Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 15kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:9mm,Actual I.D.:9.5mm, Actual O.D.:15.9mm,Braid:1B,Weight Per Mtr:175grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350403Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 15kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:12mm,Actual I.D.:12.7mm, Actual O.D.:19.7mm,Braid:1B,Weight Per Mtr:250grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350404Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 15kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:19mm,Actual I.D.:19.0mm, Actual O.D.:30.0mm,Braid:1B,Weight Per Mtr:585grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350405Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 15kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:25mm,Actual I.D.:25.4mm, Actual O.D.:37.0mm,Braid:1B,Weight Per Mtr:785grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350406Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 15kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:32mm,Actual I.D.:31.8mm, Actual O.D.:44.8mm,Braid:2B,Weight Per Mtr:1,075grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350407Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 15kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:38mm,Actual I.D.:38.1mm, Actual O.D.:51.1mm,Braid:2B,Weight Per Mtr:1,230grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350411Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 35kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:6mm,Actual I.D.:6.3mm, Actual O.D.:13.0mm,Braid:1B,Weight Per Mtr:140grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350412Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 35kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:9mm,Actual I.D.:9.5mm, Actual O.D.:16.5mm,Braid:1B,Weight Per Mtr:195grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350413Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 35kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:12mm,Actual I.D.:12.7mm, Actual O.D.:20.3mm,Braid:1B,Weight Per Mtr:275grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350414Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 35kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:19mm,Actual I.D.:19.0mm, Actual O.D.:32.6mm,Braid:2B,Weight Per Mtr:755grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350415Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 35kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:25.4mm,Actual I.D.:39.2mm, Actual O.D.:mm,Braid:2B,Weight Per Mtr:960grm,Mtr Per Coil:100
350416Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 35kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:32mm,Actual I.D.:31.8mm, Actual O.D.:46.0mm,Braid:2B,Weight Per Mtr:1,110grm,Mtr Per Coil:20
350417Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 35kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:38mm,Actual I.D.:38.1mm, Actual O.D.:52.3mm,Braid:2B,Weight Per Mtr:1,320grm,Mtr Per Coil:20
350418Rubber Hydraulic HoseWorking Pressure: 35kgf/cm2,Nominal Size:50mm,Actual I.D.:50.8mm, Actual O.D.:66.2mm,Braid:2B,Weight Per Mtr:1,950grm,Mtr Per Coil:20
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