Sea Anchor Classification

Sea Anchor Classification

Based on certain characteristics such as fluke area, shank, stablilizers, it is possible to classify the various anchor types. To allow a rough comparision of anchor type efficiency, an indication is provided for a 10ton anchor as(holding capacity=Weight*eficiency.

Class A: Efficiency range *33 to 55, such as  MK5 Anchor, MK6 Anchor.

Class B:  Efficiency range *17 to 25, such as Bruce Anchor, FFTS Anchor, 

Class C:  Efficiency range *14 to 26, such as MK3 Anchor, Delta Flipper Anchor.

Class D:  Efficiency range *8 to 15, such as  Workboat Anchor, LWT Anchor, Moorfast-Stato-Offdrill Anchor.

Class E:  Efficiency range *8 to 11, such as AC-14 Anchor, Snugstow Anchor, Stokes Anchor.

Class F:  Efficiency range *4 to 6, such as US Navy Stockless Anchor, Japan Stockless Anchor, Union Anchor etc.