20' Half Height Frame Container

  • Category:Container
  • Material:Steel
  • Standards:ISO668, ISO1496/1, ISO3874, ISO1161
  • Certificate:CCS
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  • Place of Origin:China
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Product Advantage

Standard: ISO668, ISO1496/1, ISO3874, ISO1161

The purpose is to loading marine accessories(Use customized small iron box placed in the frameworks of the container transport).

Container using profiles frame structure.

Container surface treatment for galvanizing


External Length 6058mm
Width 2438mm
Height 1378mm
Internal Length 5650mm
Width 2248mm
Height 1050mm

Cubic Capacity

13.3CU.M 470Cu.Ft


Tare Weight 1900kgs
Maximum Grass Weight 18000kgs
Maximum Playload 16100kgs

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