3 Ton/ day Marine RO Fresh Water Generator

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Product Description:

RO Fresh Water maker production Water meets the WHO international drinking water standards. Production water can be directly drinking.Fresh Water maker model was designed according the average seawater salinity 35000ppm.

This water maker is designed to produce drinking water from seawater.
Reverse Osmosis Fresh Water maker with a capacity of 3 t/day fresh water a/day by a seawater temperature from 10 to 27 C°. The rest salinity will be variousbellow 700 ppm for drinking water.

Technical specification:

The water maker is specifically designed for seagoing vessels and offshore purposes.High pressure piping is made out of stainless steel AISI 316 suitable for pressure up to 100 Bar, the connection between high pressure pump and the system consist out of a flexible high pressure hose.
The low pressure piping is made out of PPR or UPVC, this material is specially suitable for ships and offshore unit due to the flexibility and strength.


1 Voltage 3-415VAC, 50Hz
2 Power consumption 2 kw,
3 Capacity: 3 ton/day
4 Salt content of sea water: 35000ppm
5 Sea water temperature: 10℃~27℃
6 Working condition: 10℃~45℃
7 Salt content of Fresh Water: ≤700ppm
8 Booster pump One set (loose supply,The
suction under the waterline)
9 High pressure pump One set
10 Membranes Dow/ HYDRANAUTICS
11 Inlet of Sea water: G1" Female thread
12 BRINE WATER DISCHARGE G1/2" Female thread
13 Product water Outlet G1/2" Female thread

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