90min Fire froof hollow metal door

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China 90min Fire froof hollow metal door :

UL standard fire rated hollow metal door
90min fire rated approved by WH

American standard fire rated hollow metal Door & Frame

*Door Leaf: 0.8mm Galvanized Steel/cold roll steel

*Steel Frame: 1.4mm Galvanized Steel, Dry Wall and Masonery Frame Available. Include
Header and Strike Jamb and Hinge Jamb

*Surfacing: Primed or Full Finish Painting

*Filling Material: Polystyrene Slab or Honey Comb

*Reinforcement: Lock Reinforcement, Hinge Reinforcement. Optional Door Closer Reinforcement
*Available Hardware: Hinges & Lock & Handles & Viewer & Door Bell & Rubber Seal &
Installing Bolts

*Characteristics: Shockproof, Sound Insulated, Heat Insulated, Warmth-Retained, 90min Fire Rating and others.

*Maintenance: Easy Installation and maintenance.

*Structure: Solid Fabrication & Integral structure.

*Size Of Door Leaf and Frame: As per customer's requirement.

*Others: Please contact us for further more details

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