ABS Certification Ten Persons Platform Lifting Basket

  • Category:Platform Lifting Basket
  • Material:Polyester, Weave rope and steel frame
  • Standards:EN 14502-1:2005
  • Certificate:CE ABS MEDEC 3CF CCS
  • Delivery Time:15-20 days
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  • Place of Origin:China
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HY-(II) -6 ABS Certification Six Persons Platform Lifting Basket´╝Ü

This is HY (II) -6 platform suspension cage, the suspension cage has HY-6 folding and HYL-6 column type advantages of these two products. The utility model has the advantages of buoyancy, standing or crouching in the suspension cage, and standing around the cage. The personnel and materials are more stable, convenient and safe in carrying, and can be used for the personnel and materials of the helicopter lifting personnel.

High strength polypropylene filament rope sling of the cage is improved more than 30 times the safety coefficient of sling, even accidentally slipped and hit not wounding, higher safety.

The suspension cage has been inspected by ABS and issued a certificate.

Technical data:

Model: HY-(II) -6

Height: 10050mm

Chassis diameter: 1600

Allowable Person: 6

Safe working load: 570kg

buoyancy(person): 3

Sling material: High strength polypropylene

Weight: 100kg

Volume: 0.85m3

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