Bucket Dredger

  • Category:Dredger
  • Material:Cast steel
  • Standards:standard
  • Certificate:CCS
  • Packing Details:Nude Packing
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  • Place of Origin:China
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Bucket Dredger

General description

Bucket dredger is the use of a series of bucket chain with a scoop, continuous rotation on the pipe bridge under the power of the wheel drive to dredge and lift up the mud from the bottom of the river, at the same time, adjust the tension of the chain chain at the forward, aft, port side and starboard side to force the the boat move forward and swing in order to dredge the mud, then transfer the mud to the mud well, pass by the mud to the mud barge by chute, All delivery to the mud dumping area. The Bucket dredger is adopt for the all kinds of soil property except the rock with very good dredge performance. Great for the harbor and channel.


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