DDQ-1A Whistle Controller

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Colour: Dull Black
Shell Mateiral: ABS
Voltage 2xAC220V. Or AC220V/DC24V
Power: 300W

YHC Electric Hom Control system Schematic Diagram

System composotion:

No Name & Descprition Type Weight IP Rating
1 Whistle contrller DDQ-1A 1.8 IP22
2 100W Electric whistle signal unit DDX-1 11.5 IP22
3 200W Electric Whistle signal unit DDX-1 11.5 IP22
4 Marine Whistle YHC-100 19 IP22
5 Marine Whistle YHC-200 20 IP22
6 Marine Whistle Button HDQ-AN 0.2 IP22
7 Marine Whistle Button HDG-AN 0.5 IP22
8 Marine Whistle Button HDG-AN 0.5 IP22

How to use?

Selected working mode via the "Mode" button on panel and the corresponding indicator light will be ON and then select work period of 60S, 90S or 120S via "Time" button; and then select type of signal: one long whistle, one long whistle and one short whistle, one long whistle and two short whistles, one long whistle and three short whistles, one short and one long and one short whistle and two long whistes (one long whistle is for 4-6s, one short whistle is about 1s, the interval between the long and short whistle or between two short whistles is about 1s and the interval for the two long whistles is about 2s), the controller sends signals for the control whistles periodically and a set of passive contact is output as the automatic rhythm changes. Press the corresponding signal button for immediate stop.

Manual control: Change the switch to manual level ,send the signal by hand.

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