IMPA 350217

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  • IMPA:350217
  • Name:Plastic Clear Garden Hose
  • Specification:I.D.:6mm, O.D.:8mm,Mtr Per Coil:100
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  • Place of Origin:China
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The extreme clarity makes it most suitable for application where visibility of flow is an important requirement.It can be easily flushed is resistant to sunlight and abrasion.Easy to handle.The hose can be twisted or knotted without any damage.

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350229Plastic Clear Garden HoseI.D.:12mm, O.D.:14mm,Mtr Per Coil:50
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350237Plastic Clear Garden HoseI.D.:25mm, O.D.:30mm,Mtr Per Coil:50
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350243Plastic Clear Garden HoseI.D.:75mm, O.D.:86mm,Mtr Per Coil:30
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