JINBO Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System

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DJC-N Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) has been developed and manufactured by Shanghai DONJUN automation equipment co., ltd. The system meets with the Marine Safety Committee resolution MSC.128 (75) and MSC.282 (86) which requested July 1, 2011 or after the construction of more than 150 gross tonnage cargo ships and passenger ships irrespective of size are required to install the BNWAS system. The system monitors the awareness of the officer of the watch and automatically alerts the Master or another qualified officer if any reason the watch officer becomes incapable of performing the watch duties. The system is achieved by a series of indications and alarms to alert first watch officer and, if he is not responding, then to alert the Master or another qualified officer to avoiding operational navigational accidents. The system also provide with a emergency calling function for watch officer for immediate assistance if required.

System parameters:

Working voltage:100-24VAC & DC24V Time precision:±0.75 Seconds

Power consumption:Max 45w

Input /Output:11 Circuit+ Extension/20 Circuit+ Extension/
System insulating Performance: ≧10MΩ
Working environment: -25℃~55℃
System voltage performance: ≧500V/min
Alert level: Pre-alarm、First stage alarm、Second stage alarm、third stage alarm Alarm range:The largest to the whole ship alarm
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