Reamer Frame System Devices

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Reamer frame system devices

General description

Reamer frame system device is an important device for the suction dredger. Yield per unit and efficiency all depends on dredging structure and equipment matching rationality of reamer frame system device reliable quality and reasonable reamer frame system device is one of the important indexes of the quality of suction dredge. Reamer frame system all through 2d cutting theoretical calculation and analysis and the three dimensional simulation cutting and computer stress analysis when designed, manufacturing according to the design standard, with the smallest failure rate and largest yield per unit perform the biggest production efficiency of ship after use.


We provide two reamer drive modes according to the design of dredge or demand of ship owner: Variable frequency motor drive and hydraulic motor drive, two kinds of driving way transmission unit system all pour into environmental consciousness when designed, non-pollution in use and no oil leakage.

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