Ship Incinerators

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Product Description:

The deivce is applicable to burning garbage suach as ship sump oil,plastics,paperboard,food waste etc.It is a important equipment of various vessels and sea work platforms to prevent pollution.


Marine Incinerator has following three incineration methods:sump oil and solid waste incineration method,sump oil incinerator method,solid waste incinerator method.
Fuel gas what exhausted by marine incinerator through burning ship garbage and waste is colorless and no peculiar smell.Residual trace ash after burning is non toxic an sterile and can't cause secondary pollution.

It is detachable structure,easy to install and maintain,large heat capacity,small volume. It has the function of fault shutdown,fault sound and light alarm. It possese the function of run and alarm signal remote transmission what is tuitable for transimission remote signal to ship centralized control equipment.

Adopt PLC controller as the control unit to realize the automatic control of waste incineration,and the incineration process don't need manual intervention.

Inclinerator uses touch screen technology and graphical interface. All functions operating with one key,and the selected program is completed automatically.

Incinerator uses digital graphics to display the system parameters and work state.

Technical Parameter:

Maximum heat capacity 40X104kcal/h(465kw)
solid waste ≤40kg/h
sump oil ≤44L/h
sump+solid waste Sump oil ≤38L/h
Solid waste ≤22kg/h
Maximum temperature 1100℃
Operating temperature 850~1100℃
Flue gas
Maximum temperature 350℃
Operating temperature 250~350℃
Surface temperature Not higher 20℃than environment temperature
and the higheast temperature is no more than 60℃
combustion chamber negative pressure 5~35 mmWC
Fuel consumption 13~38 L/h
contour dimension L X B X H = 1890 X 1700 X 1960mm
Power consumption 15 Kw
Total weigth 3300 kg
Power source 3-phase/AC380/50Hz or 3-phase/AC440V/60Hz

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