2.4M Steel Buoy, Navigation Buoy

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China 2.4M Steel Buoy, Navigation Buoy:

Specification JB2.4 Remark
Beacon light power Solar cells, and 12 VDC or 6 VDC (optional) Optional
Light quality On the left bank: green (white light), single or more flash flash
The right side: red, single or double flash flash
Range 2-10Km (optional) Optional
Remote telemetry Remote wireless remote telemetry (with computer software installation) (optional)
Synchronous flash GPS signal coordination and synchronization of
consistency or less 0.2 ms (optional)
Diameter of Buoy (m) 2.4
Material ship plate
Total Height(m) 7.6
Height of Freeboard(m) 1
Height of Lamp Standing Part(m) 4.5
Max Swing Angle(°) ≤15
Swing Cycle(s) 3~5
Max Buoyancy(t) 7
Total Weight(m) 1.9
Embalmed Paint spraing, scarifical andode
Anchor Chain(mm) 34
Sinker/Anchor block(t) 3~6
Depth(m) 10~50
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