A davit

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A davit

Main parameters
SWL 12.5 t
Hoisting speed ≥18m /min
Lowering speed 0-30m /min
Drum capacity 30 m
Luffing speed 60sec
Size of wire:4Vx39+5FC-1770-32- zinc.( anti-rotary),M.B.L=777kN
Heel/Trim 200/100
Main power supply 440 V/ 60 Hz/ 3 Phase
Power of pump station 75 kw
Ambient temperature -200-45

Brief Construction

This launching appliance consists of lifting arm, hoisting mechanism, hydraulic swing mechanism, remote
control unit, limit unit, accumulator, and hydraulic system etc.
The lifting arm is a mainly holding structure of the launching appliance. It can accomplish turning the work
boat and rescue boat from inboard to outboard position depending on the outrigged arm.
The hoisting mechanism is a main assembly for recovering and launching work boat /rescue boat. It controls
lowering and hoisting of wire of hoisting mechanism through head block so as to achieve the aim of
recovering and launching work boat /rescue boat.
The limit devices are a security device for avoiding the work boat /rescue boat from overloading and
hydraulic system from over-pressure.
The remote control unit is used for effectively controlling the lowering height of work boat /rescue boat
through the remote control wires operated from a position within the work boat /rescue boat in case that all
passengers have embarked boat and there is no any operator on the deck.
The cylinder is designed for safe buffering in extreme positions.
Hydraulic circuit has a full flow return filter with changeable filter core inserts.
Hydraulic power piping will be supplied in stainless steel SUS304.
The cylinder is designed for marine use and has spherical bearings on axles. The piston rod is chrome plated
to prevent rust attack.
The launching appliance is designed with manual pump for emergency lowering of load in case of power

Avaiable for CCS, RINA, MED, LR, DNV, BV certificate

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