Aluminum Alloy Mist Eliminator

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Function & Principle:

Mist Eliminator is also called moisture eliminator, can remove the water droplets in the gas flow. The specially designed airfoil blade within the device is like a picket, when the gas flow between blade, small droplets in the gas by gravity on airfoil blade, flow to the bottom of the blade.

Process Diagram:


Water and salt spray from any ocean platform or vessel are the main source of corrosion. When the salt fog is particularly severe, even fresh water fog can cause corrosion, increasing the workload of maintenance, and may damage machinery, equipments and accessories. Marine steam water separator is the choice of the wave, water vapour, rain, and salt mist that is outside the ventilation system. The Marine steam water separator is designed to operate at a lower pressure, so that the airflow is not overly restrictive, and the machine and equipment will not lack air. It can be made into electric, manual and pneumatic forms, sometimes can replace the watertight louver with cover.

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