Funnel Closeable Shutter

  • Category:Marine Louver
  • Material:Steel, Aluminum
  • Standards:CB*3132-83
  • Certificate:CCS, BV, ABS, GL, LR, DNV, NK,RINA, KR,IRS
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  • Place of Origin:China
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China Funnel Closeable Shutter:

Funnel Closeable Shutter is suitable for the funnel and spaces of inland ships that are no weathertight requirement. It can be designed as two or three pull rod tpe according to the customer's request. It can be manual type, pneumatic type or spring & pneumatic type, worm gear type.

Standard: CB*3132-83

Main Material:

Frame: Steel

Shutter: Steel or Aluminum

Main Size List(mm):

Nominal Size Opening Size Shutter Weight
BxL B1xL1 LenghtxWidthxHeight Quantity Steel Aluminum
400x580 416x680 396x160x4 5 28.6 19.5
500x460 516x560 496x160x4 4 28.3 18.9
500x700 516x800 6 37 20.7
500x940 516x1040 8 45.6 25.3
500x1180 516x1280 10 54.2 30.8
500x1420 516x1520 12 62.9 37.2

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