CNC Tuber Bender For Shipyard

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CNC Tuber Bender Features

● Bend-arm (C-axis) by hydraulic. Clamp dies by hydraulic, Pressure die by hydraulic.

● Carriage (Y-axis) by servo motor. Collets (B-axis): rotation by servo motor, grip by hydraulic.

● Anticipated mandrel retraction unit.

● Fan-cooling system (much better than water-cooling system).

● Foot pedal for safe start.

● It is fully automatic tube bender, with PLC control system, two servo motor for rotary, feeding.

● Touch screen panel display English, have different bending degree prefabricate, dialogue operation, can choose manual, semi-automatic and full automatic operation manual, portable pedal switch with start and emergency stop function.

● Bending pipe — Automatic. Rotating pipe — Automatic. Feeding pipe — Automatic.

● Security code for the protection the data setting and selected operation features.

● To access to the history bending setting data to the facilitate study of malfunction with one set of tooling.

● All the parts of hydraulic system, control system, driver system and display system are imported from famous brand, with high accuracy, high efficient, suitable for mass production.

● The machine is convenient operation, stable performance and high safety factor. The machine is the ideal choice for the steel pipe processing.

● CE, ISO9001 Certification

CNC Tuber Bender Technical Specifications

Model CNC38 CNC50 CNC63 CNC75
Max bending capacity Φ38 mm×2 mm Φ50 mm×2 mm Φ63 mm×3 mm Φ75 mm×4 mm
Max bending radius R200mm R250mm R270mm R270mm
Min bending radius R18mm R20mm R25mm R30mm
Max feeding length 2500mm 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm
Max bending degree 190 Degree 190 Degree 190 Degree 190 Degree
Bending unit 16 Pieces 16 Pieces 16 Pieces 16 Pieces
Working speed Bending speed 150 Deg/sec 100 Deg/sec 85 Deg/sec 45 Deg/sec
Rotary speed 200 Deg/sec 200 Deg/sec 180 Deg/sec 150 Deg/sec
Feeding speed 1000 mm/sec 1000 mm/sec 900 mm/sec 800 mm/sec
Accuracy Feeding ±0.05 mm ±0.05 mm ±0.05 mm ±0.05 mm
Rotary ±0.05 Degree ±0.05 Degree ±0.05 Degree ±0.05 Degree
Bending ±0.05 Degree ±0.05 Degree ±0.05 Degree ±0.05 Degree
Oil motor power 4 Kw 5.5 Kw 4 Kw 7.5 Kw
Max storage units 1000 Group 1000 Group 1000 Group 1000 Group
Max pressure 12 MPa 12 MPa 12 MPa 12 MPa
Oil tank 300 L 300 L 300 L 300 L
Machine weight 1500 Kg 2500 Kg 3500 Kg 4600 Kg
Machine size 3850×760×1200mm 4900×1300×1300mm 5000×1400×1300mm 5000×1400×1300mm

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