Diesel Engine Driven Hydraulic System For Mooring Winch

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Diesel Engine Driven Hydraulic System For Mooring Winch

General description

The diesel engine fitted with spring start, cooling method be of air cooling, air strainer to be of oil bath type filter,

output power of diesel engine, 204KW.

power pack to be installed independently, each power pack includes 2 sets of diesel engine driven pump and

oil tank, each diesel engine pump includes one diesel engine to drive 2 main pump via distributor and 1 auxiliary pump,


engine and distributor are mounted on the skid, the oil tank is fitted with hydraulic components, lower oil level and high

temperature alarm, filter blocked alarm. Each power pack is capable of driving two winches at same time to ensure two

drums to keep tension of 200kN at speed of 30m/min(two drums shall not be of one winch)


  • Rated pull: 200kN
  • Overload pull: 300kN
  • Braking load: 600kN
  • Rated speed: ≥30 m/min
  • Warping load: 60kN
  • Steel wire dia.: φ38mm
  • Drum capacity: 1000m

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