Fluorescent Pendant Light JCY23-2

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China Fluorescent Pendant Light JCY23-2:

Used to illumination of water dripping, water spattering, water coagulating place in ships such as oven cabin, dry cabin tunnel, pipeline and weather deck, environment temperature is -20°C~+55°C.


Confirm to IEC600092-306-2009 and GRADE ENTRY NORMS FOR STEEL SHIPS.

Our product approved by the CCS(China Classification Society)

Main Specification:

Voltage 110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz, 220V/60Hz
Power Factor >0.85
Lamp Holder G13
Cable Diameter Dia14mm-16mm
Protection Class IP56

Type JCY23-2 JCY23-2E JCY23-2EF JCY33-2 JCY33-2E JCY33-2EF JCY43-2 JCY43-2E JCY43-2EF
Power 2X20W 2X20W 2X20W 2X30W 2X30W 2X30W 2X40W 2X40W 2X40W
Weight 7.2kg 7.2kg 7.2kg 9kg 9kg 9kg 11kg 11kg 11kg

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