Heat Insulation Suit

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China Heat Insulation Suit:

Heat insulation suit for fire fighting adopts the fabric of polypropylene fibre and aluminim foil compound material,without asbestos. with high intensity,flame resistance,high-temperature resistance,anti-heat radiation,anti-abrasion,anti-bend,safety to human beings,etc. It can effectively protect firemen and other people who are working in high-temperature places and close to heat resources from being hurt by the high temperature or flame.It has passed the inspection of China National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision Center and meets the requirements of GA88 "Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Fire-resistance and Heat-insulating Clothing". And is certified by CCS.

Main Technical Performance:

1.It consists of jacket, pants, foot cover,glove, helmet and boot.

2.Reflectivity:When wave length is between 400—1000mm,Total reflection is equal or greater than 70%、diffuse reflection is equal or greater than 40%

3.Length of flame retarded carbon(7S)<100mm

4.Tearing strength:>32N

5.Stripping strength(N/30㎜):≥9N/30mm

6.Waterproofproperties:≥4000paWithout water penetration and rupture under2mwater volume pressure.

7.Heat Insulation:When the ambient temperature is850℃,At the place1.75maway from the fire for two minutes,the temperature of the inner surface of the clothing will not be higher than45℃

8.Under10KW/m2 radiant heat,surface temperature increased not more than 25 degrees

9.Suitablefor human height between1.6mand1.8m.

10.Package Size:54*45*37cm(Two sets in one carton)15KGper carton

Name Value
Overall An Overall is one piece suit or 2 pc.
Jacket & trouser having Zipper & Stud fastner with or without Pouch on back to accommodate breathing apparatus.
Stitching is done by KEVLAR Threads.
Face Shield Two elastisized straps to cover well below the shoulders.
Hood has the visor consisting of curved plain and tinted poly carbonate & outer layer of thin transparent mica.
The glass is chromeplate.
Mitten 14 long five fingered type Gloves having stud fastener for better securing at wrist.
Shoes Covers Made of upper layer of aluminised glass fibre fabric & inner lining of high quality leather,
with heavy duty zipper cvered with aluminised fabric flap with extra stud for double protection.
Special Neoprene Rubber sole in non skid pattern for use in oil / chemical / grease area.
Metal toe for extra air-room & protection.
Weight 3.2kgs/set
Style 1.Jacket front zipper and velcro together.
2.Two pockets on the lower side of the jacket.
3.Radio pocket with flap over pocket.
4.Two side pocket on the pants.
5.Kevlar ribbed sleeve end.
6.High tenacity elastic belt installed on the pants.
7.Coat and pant or coverall.


Body Length 73 76 79 82 85
Chest circumference 124 128 132 136 410
Shoulder breadth 53 54 55 57 58
Sleeve length 55 57 59 61 63
Pants length 102 104 107 110 113
Hip circumference 124 128 132 136 140
Waistline 100 102 104 106 108
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