Heavy Oil Marine Fuel Homogeniser

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China Heavy Oil Marine Fuel Homogeniser:

As found in several independent heavy fuel analysis, the structure of common heavy fuels consist of an average droplet particle size of abt. 70 μ. But more than 90% of the fuel are showing droplets particles larger than 20 μ. When a common droplet will be accelerated it alters to a stretched droplet. This accelerated and stretched droplet will be affected by additional shearing forces, it will be divided into numerous smaller droplets. Each fuel particle will be affected this way several times during MF Homogeniser passage. When this treated droplet will further be affected by sonic frequencies it swings up and will further be divided with each MF passage.

In general a common droplet of 70 μ has a specific volume of apr. 180.000 μ3 with a total surface of apr. 15.400 μ2. A 3μ droplet divided has a specific volume of apr. 14 μ3 with a total surface of 28 μ2. Now the partition of one 70 μ droplet results in apr. 12.960 droplets of 3 μ size.


Drastically unloaded filters and purifiers
Less visible exhaust emissions (soot / particles / dust)
Increased power output of engines and boilers
Remarkable reduction of abrasive wear and tear on all mechanical parts

Prolonged stability times on mechanical parts

MF Homogenizer with Magnetic Coupling Advantages

Without mechanical seals, no need maintenance
Bushes by special material with long life and smooth-running
When over load, slippage between inner and outer rotor will protect motor
All the fuel treating parts are closed in body, leakage problem is totally solved
Endure high temperature to 150 C. and 3000 p.m., continue working

Heavy Oil Marine Fuel Homogeniser Technical Specifications

Type MF30 MF60 MF90 MF250
Displacement,m3/h 3.0 6.0 9.0 25.0
Power,KW 3.0 7.5 7.5 22.0
Voltage,V 380/440
Speed,r/min 2880/3490 2900/3520 2930/3540 2940/3550
Pressure,Mpa <1.0 <1.2 <1.2 <1.6
Temperature,℃ <160
Kinematic viscosity,cSt/50℃ <700
Pipe diameter,mm 34 50 50 70
Motor insulation grade IP54
Weight 95 130 130 370
L1 724 820 967 1189
L2 312 428 468 520
L3 405 480 550 650
L4 262 360 400 460
L5 92.5 124 124 175
L6 396 484 484 565
L7 75.5 76 76 106
L8 104 108 108 170
H1 188 242 270 305
H2 88 110 110 125
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