Inflatable Life Jacket

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China Inflatable Life Jacket:

It incorporate one independent buoyancy chamber, automatic inflate within 5 seconds when falling into water or manually by pulling toggle by hand. It keeps head, neck and shoulder above water to assure the security of wearer. It also incorporates manual inflation device, the lifejacket can be inflated if you pull down the cord fixed on the operation head in necessary time.

The lifejacket is equipped with reflective tapes, oral inflation tube for inflation and deflation and whistle, which can remind the notice of rescuer through the sound.

It can be used for persons engaged in activities, whether in relation to their work or their leisure, in or near water from drowning.

Main parameter:

1. Ambient temperature for use:-30℃~ +65℃

2. Inflation time: ≤5s

3. Angle in water: Faceplane angle≥40°; trunk angle≥30°

4. Freeboard: ≥120mm

5. Buoyancy: >150N

6. Gas: CO2

7. Gas in cylinder:33g

8. Self-weight: ≤1kg


1. automatic/manual inflation device 2. cylinder with 33gCO2 3. whistle 4. reflective tape 5. buoyancy chamber 6. reflective tape 7. oral inflation tube 8. webbing

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