Marine Wet Unit

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China Marine Wet Unit:

Marine Wet Unit is an independent, multiple modular unit. It is composed of wall, ceiling panel, fireproof equipment and pipe system and other accessories, in which the people could take the shower, wash the face and hands, toilet within the limited space. It has been widely used in accommodation cabin of all vessels, offshore platforms, land hotels, container houses and etc.


1.Fire rating of the whole unit reaches B15 class.

2. Personalized design and industrialized manufacturing.

3.Rational Structure, flexible configuration (as per clients' requirements), easy to clean, environmental,energy-saving

4. Easy Installation and short construction period


1.Bottom Tray: steel, stainless steel aluminum alloy, GRP

2.Floor Material: ceramic, covering+ceramic, floor heating system+covering+ceramic, epoxy floor, covering+epoxy floor, floor heating system+covering+epoxy Floor, epoxy iesin sand floor

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