Type A Ceiling Panel

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Ceiling Panel

Model Thickness Fire class Core material
T50A 50MM B-15 rock wool
T30A 30mm B-15/B-0 rock wool
T25A 25mm B-0 rock wool
T25A 25mm B-0 Aluminum honeycomb
T30A(Ⅱ) 30mm B-15 rock wool
T30AXY 30mm B-15 rock wool

Type A Ceiling Panel

Type T50A T30A T25A
Fire class B-15 B-15/B-0 B-0
Weight 16.0kg/m2 13.5kg/m2 12.9kg/m2
Sound reduction --dB --dB --dB
Thermal transmittance 0.58Kcal/m2h°C 1.10Kcal/m2h°C 1.14Kcal/m2h°C
Core material Rock wool 150kg/m3
Surface finish PVC film(150μ,low flame spread) or galvanized steel
Dimension 25/30/50mm( t )×550mm( w )×length (max.3000mm)
Tolerances Thickness0-1×Width0-1×Length±3


Wide range of section

Convenient Installation

Excellent in fire resistance, heat and sound insulation

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