PTFE Tank Lid Packing IMPA 810721

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PTFE Tank Lid Packing IMPA 810721

The PTFE Tank Lid Pickings are made of Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer propylene rubber and wrapped with PTFE yarn outside.

Typical applications: suitable for chemical tankers, oil tank covers, to prevent leakage of liquid, especially for chemical plants and food factories, it is resistant to oil, acid and alkali.

Physical property

Color: white

Applicable temperature: -200 DEG C - +100 DEG C

Pressure: 5Bar

PH: 1-14

Size: 20mm * 20mm (available oil or non-oil tank lid packing)

PTFE Tank Lid Packing Technical Specifications

Square Section Rectangular Section
IMPA CODE Size (mm) IMPA CODE Size (mm)
810721 20×20 810726 20×15
810722 25×25 810727 30×20
810723 35×35 810728 35×25
810724 38×38 810729 40×30
810725 40×40

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