PTFE Tank Lid Packing IMPA 810727

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PTFE Tank Lid Packing IMPA 810727

Size: 30mm*20mm

A resilient elastomeric core, spirally wrapped with PTFE tape and surrounded by successive braided jackets of inert polypropylene yarn. Specially reinforced corners are incorporated to build the section to the required packing size.
The braided structure is spirally wrapped with further layers of PTFE tape to provide an impermeable barrier to liquids and gases, then finally enclosed in a robust, abrasion resistant braid of PTFE yarns.

Typical applications

Sealing of tank lids, main hatches, inspection and cleaning covers on tankers carrying all known bulk liquid cargoes in all International Maritime Organization (IMO) classes.


Meets US Coast Guard requirements for lid sealing of hazardous cargoes.
Pressure tight beyond Lloyd's and DNV test criteria.

Prime features

Gas-tight environmental seal.
Protects cargo from sea water ingress.
Withstands repeated opening/closing cycles.
Unaffected by steam and other tank cleaning systems.
Suitable for smooth recesses in stainless steel lips as well as those with rougher surface finishes.

Chemical properties

Inert to all media in the range pH 0-14, including all known bulk cargoes in all IMO classes.
Service capabilities - static duties on tank lids
Maximum operating temperature: +120°C.
Minimum operating temperature: -50°C.
Maximum tank pressure: 70KPa.

How supplied

Any 10mm upwards is made to order; also endless rings to fit specific tank lid recesses. Full fitting instructions are included.

PTFE Tank Lid Packing Technical Specifications

Square Section Rectangular Section
IMPA CODE Size (mm) IMPA CODE Size (mm)
810721 20×20 810726 20×15
810722 25×25 810727 30×20
810723 35×35 810728 35×25
810724 38×38 810729 40×30
810725 40×40

Standard Export Woden Box Packing

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