TYA Series Lubricant Oil Purifier

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China TYA Series Lubricant Oil Purifier:

TYA series oil filter:

Widely used in electric power, metallurgy, mining, machinery, chemical, transportation, manufacturing, food and other industries, the hydraulic oil, frozen oil, compressor oil, gear oil, vacuum pump oil, engine oil, heat treatment oil purification.

Technical features:

1. This function can effectively remove the iron, dust, impurities, moisture and harmful compounds in the oil, but also remove organic acids and inorganic acids in oil, to restore the performance of lubricants.

2. It has a strong ability to break the emulsion, which is easy to separate a large amount of water in the oil, but also facilitate the removal of trace water in oil.

The ability of u to filter out impurities is strong, and the filtering area and precision are increased by using special filter material. A large area of deep level precision filter can remove the fine particles in the oil, while the machine automatic backwashing function can automatically clean the impurities on the filter can be used for interception, system cleaning device, to make a serious oil pollution system can be restored to the control standard.

3. It uses the automatic level control system, automatic temperature control system, automatic control system, automatic defoaming pressure protection system, automatic interlock protection system and efficient degassing water removal system, ensure the safety of equipment with high performance.

4. online oil filter, unattended.

5. It uses the initial hot oil circulation system, especially suitable for high viscosity lubricating oil processing

Technical Data:

Item Unit TYA-10 TYA -20 TYA -30 TYA-50 TYA -100 TYA -150 TYA -200 TYA -300
Flow Rate L/min 10 20 30 50 100 150 200 300
working vacuum Mpa -0.06~-0.095
working Preuusre Mpa ≤0.4
Constant temperature control range 20 ~80
power / 380V/50HZ or at user's option
noise db(A) dB(A) ≤65~80(depend on user's requirement)
Fult-free working hours h ≥4000
continuous hours h ≥150
Heating power Kw 30 30 30 45 72 96 144 192
Total Power Kw 32 32 32 48 78 105 152 202
Inlet(outlet) diameter mm Φ25 Φ25 Φ25 Φ32 Φ42 Φ50 Φ50 Φ60
weight kg 350 420 450 550 800 950 1200 1500
After filteration water content ppm Trace(GB/T260)
gas content % ≤0.1(GB/T423)
Mechanical impurities / (GB/T511)
granularity μm 5(at user's option)
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