Weatherproof Breather Valve

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China Weatherproof Breather Valve:

Weatherproof Breather Valve used for safety equipment of crude oil, gasoline, kerosene, light diesel oil, aromatic hydrocarbons and other fixed roof tank,protected from damage when the overpressure or vacuum. The valve is equipped with a flame arrester.

Main Specification

DN Weight
Installation Size(mm)
D1 D1 L H n×Φ
DN50 6.5 Φ110 Φ140 160 255 4×14
DN80 9.8 Φ150 Φ185 213 260 4×18
DN100 12 Φ170 Φ205 265 290 4×18
DN150 21 Φ225 Φ260 305 330 8×18
DN200 31 Φ280 Φ315 355 350 8×18
DN250 35 Φ335 Φ370 420 400 12×18

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