10 Persons Throw-Over Board Inflatable Life Raft

  • Category:Life Raft
  • Material:rubber
  • Standards:SOLAS standard
  • Certificate:CCS / EC
  • IMPA Code:330102
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  • Place of Origin:China
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Product Description:

The Throw over board Inflatable Liferaft are stored in containers on deck an inflate in the water when the painter line is pulled

The standard sizes of the liferafts are available with:6、10、15、20 and 25 persons.

The liferafts with type approval by CCS and EC(EC was issued by GL).

Inflation method:

After throw over from ship,the liferaft can be inflated and opened automatically.If the ship sinks very fast and the life-raft can not be throw over,the raft still can float up from water under the action of Hydrostatic Release Unit and can be inflated and opened automatically.

Product Parameter:

The installation height is 18-50m from water surface.

Capacity:10 persons

Main dimension length:3300mm

Main dimension breadth:2200mm

(Co2+N2)*2/weight of gas:1700*2g

Max storage height:36M

Physical form:Ellipse

Gross weight:105kg

The FRP container:Diameter 620*1260

Packaging size:1340*700*740mm

Optional accessories:

Cradle,HRU (hydraulic release unit),GRP containers.

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