Cast Iron 3-Way Temperature Automatic Regulating Valve

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China Cast Iron 3-Way Temperature Automatic Regulating Valve:

LZF/LZFT 3-Way Temperature Automatic Regulating ValveTemperature is called Automatic Temperature Controller, is mainly suitable for automatic temperature adjusting of fresh water system and lub oil system of marine machinery installations and also suitable for automatic temperature adjusting of cooling system & lubricating system for diesel engine, steam turbine, gas turbine and gears used onshore, promoting heat energy coefficient of utilization and economic benefits of machinery installations.

Working Principle:

The temperature valve consists of a temperature sensor, a rotating valve, a mandril and a lever. According to the change of media's temperature, the temperature sensor controls the mandril to extend and shorten, causing the lever to drive and the valve to rotate. Together with the rotating valve, the flux that flow to the cooler and pass-by is regulated to adjust media's temperature.

When the mediua's temperature rises and reaches the lower limit of attemperator, the temperature sensor drives the lever and rotates the valve anticlockwise. So the pass-by pipe is closed and the cooler pipe is opened a little by little. When the media's temperature reaches the upper limit of sendsor, the pass-by pipe is closed and the cooler is opened completely. It is opposite direction between rising and falling process of temperature. The action of valve's working makes the media which temperature could be adjusted in range.

Basic Parameters:


LZFT---Ductile Iron

Type DN(mm) Pressure (Mpa) Suggest flow rate (m3/h) Weight(kg)
LZF-40 40 0.8 Fresh water 12~24,Lub oil 9~18 18
LZF-50 50 0.8 Fresh water 18~36,Lub oil 13~26 19
LZF-65 65 0.8 Fresh water 30~60,Lub oil 20~40 20
LZF-80 80 0.8 Fresh water 40~80,Lub oil 30~60 22
LZF-100 100 0.8 Fresh water 65~130,Lub oil 50~100 25
LZF-125 125 0.8 Fresh water 90~180,Lub oil 70~140 32
LZF-150 150 0.8 Fresh water 120~240,Lub oil 100~200 58
LZF-200 200 0.8 Fresh water 200~420,Lub oil 150~320 62

Temerature Adjust Range:

Temperature Control Range Classification Temperature Adjusting Range
10℃ Range 20~30℃,25~35℃,30~40℃,35~45℃,40~50℃,45~55℃,50~60℃,55~65℃,60~70℃,65~75℃,70~80℃,75~85℃,80~90℃,85~95℃
15℃ Range 20~35℃,25~40℃,30~45℃,35~50℃,40~55℃,45~60℃,50~65℃,55~70℃,60~75℃,65~80℃,70~85℃,75~90℃,80~95℃

According to the requirement of users, speaial temperature can be made.

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