DGTM-C Co2 Filler

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China DGTM-C Co2 Filler:

DGTM-C co2 filler is a new product developed by our scientific researcher after absorbing the advantages and excellency of CO2 filler at home and abroad,considering the characteristic CO2 inside canister is a mixture of gas and liquid.It is quickly and efficient in fiiling because it is the liquid transforming in the obturation between the pipe and container.It features compact structure, running steady, saving energy, filling nicety and with abroad usage.So it is an ideal equipment in the manufacturer and the maintainer of CO2.

Main technical Parameters:

1.The technical parameters of the filling equipment

A.This machine need not be heated or cooled,and CO2 can be directly filled into the fire extinguisher form the large steel cylinder

B.The original pressure in the CO2steel can is 3~5Mpa and the filling pressure is 6~10Mpa.

C.The filling speed: 1~6Kg/min.

D.Voltage:380V or 220V

E. Power: 2.7KW

2.The different table of the filling time and the filling amount of themachine.






Weight of extinguisher (kg)





Filling time(s)





3. The main structure

Refrigeration GTM-C-fiiller carbon dioxide from motor, high pressure pump, precision pressure gauges, safety,refrigeration units, refrigeration cycle piping and components such as fans (according to another user with the necessary precision and controlled electronic said switch).

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