GTM-B Co2 Filling Machine

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China GTM-B Co2 Filling Machine:

GTM-B co2 filling machine for CO2 fire extinguisher is a special equipment for filling MT2-MT7 portable extinguishers with CO2 extinguishants automatically. It makes a comprehensive use of electronic, electric, and mechanical techniques and renders the whole filling processes safe, reliable, simple in operation,accurate in filling quantity and highly efficient.

Main Technical Parameters:

1.Error Table forFilling Time and Quantity of the Filler

Specification MT2 MT3 MT5 MT7
Weight of extinguisher (kg) 2 -0.15 3 -0.15 5 -0.2 7 -0.2
Filling time(s) ≤50 ≤60 ≤60 ≤90

2.Working Temperature and Pressure Parameters of the Thermostat of the Filler

A. Thermal uniform temperature is controlled in the range of 38℃–45℃with a pressure of 9-10Mpa, heater power of 6KW and voltage of 380V.

B. Cold uniform temperature is controlled in the range of –5℃—5℃ with a pressure of≤7Mpa and power source voltage of


Arrangement of Equipment and Working Principle:

The filling is based on the unique property of carbon dioxide. When the CO2 extinguishant source is heated to some extent in the thermal thermostat, it is fed into the cold thermostat via pipes because of heating and increased pressure. When it is cooled, the pressure is reduced. The CO2 is filled into the container through the console by using the high pressure as the motive force to drive lower pressure.

Schematic Diagram of GTM-B co2 filling machine for CO2Fire Extinguisher:

1.Terminal of the heater 2. Gas source gas cylinder 3. Sensor 4. II Character-type fixture 5. Gas outlet 6. Exit valve 7. Gas inlet A 8. Gas inlet B 9. Inlet valve A 10. Inlet valve B 11. Gas source pressure meter B 12. Mixer 13. Operating Indication Lamp 14. Power Source Indication Lamp 15. Gas Source Pressure Meter A 16. SJD-temperature Controller 17. Charge pressure indicator 18. Power Source Switch 19. T3806 Electronic Scale Indicator. 20. Control Panel for Electric Appliances 21. Charge pipe 22. Cylinder valve 23. II Character-type fixture 24. Cylinder 25. Stand of electronic scale 26. Compressor

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