Double Hook Quick Release Hook

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Product Description:

Quick release mooring hooks as the mooring equipment at jetty, has the features of : electric mooring
line hauling and mooring, quick mooring line release, safe & reliable, convenient operation and etc. Using this
equipment can greatly shorten the mooring line’s hauling and release time, reduce the labor intensity of the
site operators, especially in case the emergencies of the jetty or the vessels, the equipment can assure the
vessels get away from the jetty promptly, so to protect the safety of the vessels and the jetty.
The supplied products to be fabricated, operated according to ISO 9001.

QRH including Remote Release. Excluding Capstan, Load Cell, Audible & Visible Alarm, Power Supply Cable, Control Cable from the QRH to the Center Control Room. (optional)

Available Type:

Single hook quick release hook.

Double hook quick release hook.

Triple hook quick release hook.

Quadruple hook quick release hook.

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