Marine Light Transmission Rudder Angle Meter

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China Marine Light Transmission Rudder Angle Meter:

Model Number:45C8/45C9/2101/LS-110/AH-110……

Application Of Our Marine Meter:

Its structure is magnetic electric tension string supporting and pivot needle type structure.

Rotating part no friction,work reliable,high mechanical shock resistance.Vibration will be proceed under the condition of acceleration 0.7g. Due to the mobile part of ivot needle adopt spring bearing support which can reduce the shock and vibration, pivot needle and bearing consists of high hardness cobalt-tungsten and barklyite,vibration can be proceed under the condition of acceleration 0.7g.

Advanced converter line and Indicating device integration structure,the instrument is high accuracy and large angle.The meter have linear scale,and won't affect by the magnetic filed outside,all adopt printed dial,colorized dial,scale is very clear,look neat and beautiful.Null meter reading instrument all have zero button,easy to adjust.

Product Description:

The deflection angle of Q96,F96,F96J,51L5,51T5,51C5,Z96,LS-96 Pointer needle is wide angle(240 to 250 degree) ,the meter is tension string structure,import of German technology,rotation no friction,shock assistance is better. Hairspring structure import of Taiwan technology,shock assistance is good,also can be produce to right angle 90 degree deflection angle.

The deflection angle of 51C4,51L4,51T4,51C6,51T6 Pointer needle is right angle(90 degree),also can be extend to wide angle(240 degree) deflection angle.(need to confirm when you place order) (96x96mm)

Q/F 96 type wide angle meter,overall size 96x96mm, hole size 92x92mm,depth dimensions 108mm.

Q/F 96 type right angle meter,overall size 96x96mm, hole size 92x92mm,depth dimensions 108mm.

Universal Technical Parameter:

Item Technical performance Equivalent international standard
Product technical standard: GB/T7676-1998 IEC60092-504
Service environment standard: GB8355-1987 IEC92-504-74
Product safety standard: GB4793-2001 IEC61010
Accuracy grade Frequency 0.5 grade, Power factor meter 3.0 grade, other 1.5 grade
Service temperature -10~55℃,13℃~33℃conform to accuracy grade 100%
Rotation angle of needle Wide angle(250 degree) , Right angle(90 degree), Synchronous dial indicator
Protection grade Shell protection conform to IP42,allow the exist of oil mist,salt mist,dust etc.
Color of watchcase Square type white color, Round square black color ,panel border,terminal block,black.
Dial color Convention color white, black need to customized.
Direction of mounting Vertical
Front size of instrument Q/F96(96X96)mm,Q/F72(72X72)mm
New 45 type (110X110)mm,New 63 type (80X80)mm
Meter overshoot When the pointer needle reach 2/3 of ful scale,less than 20%
Insulation,Voltage-endurance electric circuit and shell AC:2600V / 1 minute(water area)
Vibration resistance 24.5m/S2
Shock resistance 147m/S2
Meter material square type: watchcase/terminal block(flame retardant ABS), Watch cap(transparent glass) Round square shape:water cap(transparent PC)
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