X-COIL Meter

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Product Description:

Using on controlling cab in vessels, indicating rotational speed and rudder angle. The meter has self-developed X-Coil movement with built-in micro controller; pointer can do 360┬░clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation, providing illumination

on display with auxiliary power (DC 7-30V). Before the meter is energized, pointer can stop on any position.

The analogue signal can be input from single channel. For example, the standard signal is 0-10V, 4-20mA and so on. It also can be input from dual channels. For special SIN/COS, dual channels can share the same terminal. The meter has the error warning indication, the alarm LED is on the upper of the front case. If the meter is mal-function or failure, the LED will be blinking.


a. Waterproof, Salt-mist resistance, Suitable for marine environment;

b. After energized and switched on supplementary light, the light beam fill out

the transparent pointer, easy to get reading;

c. Good mechanic performance, Shock resistance.


1. Accuracy class: 0.5;

2. Ingress Protection: front panel IP66, rear part I P20;

3. Auxiliary power for supplementary light: DC7~30V.

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