Navigation Sea Buoy

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China Navigation Sea Buoy:

1.Adopt High molecular weight high density synthesis LLDPE, new type Environmental protection materials,mixed UV protection substance, with enough tenacity, hardness, can bear viaration of natural environment and low temperature strike, low weight,big buoyancy, anti acid and anti alkali, zero maintenance, combination is easy and flexible, long life, beautiful color, anti corrosion, antifreezing, anti UV, anti-aging, it can protect the buoy from sea water, chemicals,drug,oil and water biological, no pollution, the whole buoy was formed seamless one time,no water penetration, no water remain, and it can recycle use.

2.The surface with antiskid decoration design on it,safe and secure,the four corners all is arc with obtuse angle shape,can avoid normal dangerous to cement, wood or steel, for example, slide,stab and wound by rusty nail or pieces of wood.

3.The buoy with high carrying capacity, steady and endurance, the buoyancy of each square meter can reach 350kg or above, it can work properly when temperature is from -60 degree to 80 degree.

4.The lifetime is around 15 years, zero maintenance, reasonable cost, economical, in the long run,can save huge maintenance cost, replacement cost and time.

5.Easy to assemble, fast, flexible, the whole piece adopt module structure.

6.The support equipment is complete in specifications, like bollard, anticorrosion ball, guard bar, landing gangway or wharf ladder, can moor alongside big or small ship, and because the property of floating platform for borin,it can automatic rising-lowering with the up and down of water level,passenger boarding and disembark is safe and confortable.


Light weight, big buoyancy,strong, high impact resistance.

Service life can reach 15 years or more.

One time formed seamless, no water penetration,durable.



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