Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoy

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China Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoy:

Suitcase Pendant Buoy is made of resilient unsinkbakle foam core around the innter center steel works covered in protective polyurethane elastomer coating.

Rectangular anchor pendant buoy can withstand the rigorous conditions in the offshore industry, safey and easy to storage for the anchoring vessel.

Suitcase Anchor Pendant Buoy Size

Type Nominal Weight Net Buoyancy Net Buoyancy
JB001 260kg 1000kg 2207lbs
JB002 500kg 2000kg 4413lbs
JB003 570kg 3000kg 6620lbs
JB004 750kg 4000kg 8826lbs
JB005 900kg 5000kg 11033lbs
JB006 1200kg 6000kg 13239lbs
JB007 1600kg 8000kg 17652lbs
JB008 1950kg 10000kg 22065lbs
JB009 2300kg 12000kg 26478lbs
JB010 2700kg 14000kg 30891lbs
JB011 3000kg 16000kg 34304lbs
JB012 3400kg 18000kg 39717lbs
JB013 3450kg 20000kg 44130lbs
JB014 4850kg 30000kg 66195lbs

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