TCA OH1 Petro Chemical Processing Pump

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TCA OH1 Petro Chemical Processing Pump

Model: API610 OH1 according to API 610 standard.

Performance range:

Size: DN25-400mm

Capacity: ~2600m3/h

Heads: ~250m

Temperature: -80 ~ +300Cdegree

Design Pressure: ~2.5MPA


Refineries, Chemical processing, general industry, coal mining, water supply system and water processing, sea water desalinization, pipe line pressure increasing


The TCA pumps are single stage, horizontal, radically split volute pump. The casing is foot supporting and equipped with single radically impeller. Axially inelt and radically outlet. The pump adopt wear ring and balacing hole to realize the hydraulic balance, shaft seal adopts API682 standard mechanical seal and flushing plan. Standard piping design in accordance with API standard.

The suction flange rating pressure grade is the equal to discharge flange.

Pumps rotation is clockwise viewed from motor end.

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