TON90B Combustible Gas Alarm Controller

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Installation Mode: Wall/Panel Mounting

Alarm Mode: Sound, Light

Display Mode: Common Unit Alarm Status, Each Loop Displays Gas Concentration Analog and Digital

Power Comsumption:3W/Loop, 15W/Public Module

Electrical Characteristics

Power Supply:85-265V AC, 50-60Hz

Input Signal: Three Wire or Two Wire 4-20Ma

Communication Mode: RS485

Relay Output: Each channel grop 2 passive normally open, normally closed contact, contact capacity 250V AC, 20A, Optional level or pulse output.

Structure Material

Main Body: Stainless Steel 304, ABS


Fire Certification: CCCF

Classification Society Certificate: CCS

Executive Standard: GB168808, GD-01 2006

Protection Grade: IP44

Temperature Range: -10 degree.

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