Yatch Hydraulic Windlass

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Yatch Hydraulic Windlass

General description

Stainless steel vertical windlass. Available in high or low profile, with different drives and recommended for boats up to 50m. The NYS windlass can use chains up to 18mm with stud link in diameter.

Main Parameter

Hydraulic Specification
Model Max.pressure Max.pull Flow rate Working load Max.Line speed
(bar) (Kg) (L/min) (Kg) (m/min)
YDHP1011H 200 1800 20-40 1200 10-20m/min
YDHP1012H 200 2000 25-50 1500 10-20m/min
YDHP1013H 200 2600 28-60 2000 10-15m/min
YDHP1014H 200 3500 28-60 2800 8-15m/min

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