Yatch windlass horizontal type

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Yatch windlass horizontal type


1.Designed for automatic horizontal handling of chain only anchor rodes while offering an independent capstan for the retrieval of a secondary rope and chain rode or toassit with docking procedures.

2.Fully automatic single dual direction chain-wheel operation.

3.Optional dual anchor handling with smooth independent control of each chain-wheel via cone clutches.

4. Simple deck mounted installation with no under deck parts.

5.Simplified maintenance with ability to strip the running gear (chain-wheel and drum) from the windlass without disturbing the windlass mounting.

6.Heavy duty, dual direction motor, designed for marine winches.

7.Marine-grade alloy casting pretreated, powder coated and finished with a two component white polyurethane paint.

8.Fit include hand-switch, control box and wrench.


Model Weight Power Motor No load Max Max. Line Rope Chain

(W) absorption Load Pull Speed Size Size
YDH-011 16 12V/24V 600 50A 190kg 600kg 30m/min 12-14mm 6-7mm
YDH-012 25.2 12V/24V 1000 90A 350kg 750kg 25m/min 14-16mm 8-10mm
YDH-013 32 12V/24V 1400 125A 520kg 1100kg 25m/min 18-20mm 8-10mm
YDH-013 33.7 12V/24V 1600 140A 660kg 1400kg 20m/min 20-24mm 10-12mm
YDH-014 36 220V/380V 2000 6A 900kg 2000kg 20m/min 20-24mm 10-12.5mm
YDH-014 38 220V/380V 3000 9A 1200kg 2500kg 20m/min 20-24mm 10-12.5mm

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