ZDR Series Steam-Electric Heating Hot Water Tank

  • Category:Marine Calorifier
  • Certificate:CCS,EC,GL and BV certificate.
  • Material:Carbon Steel, SS304
  • Packing Details:Standard Export Packaging
  • Delivery Time:15-20days
  • Supply Ability:10 sets/month
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  • Place of Origin:China
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This steam-electric hot water tank is suitable for all kinds of ship which have steam source or power to produce hot water which is for crewmen.

Principle Description:

This series hot water tank can be combined to use with fresh water pressure tank on board, that is to use fresh water in fresh water pressure tank to replenish this tank, and then heated by electric or steam heating elements for usage of entire vessel.

Model ZDR-0.12 ZDR-0.2 ZDR-0.3 ZDR-0.5 ZDR-1
Capacity(m3) 0.12 0.2 0.3 0.5 1
Working pressure(MPa) 0.4(60℃)
Design pressure(MPa) 0.44
Test pressure(MPa) 0.68
Safety valve open pressure(MPa) 0.42
Water inlet temperature(℃) 15
Water outlet temperature(℃) 65
Working temperature(℃) 0~65
Design temperature(℃) 80
Steam pressure (MPa) 0.3
Heated water capacity(kg/h) 275 750 1200 3250
Steam consumption(kg/h) 27.5 75 120 325
Steam consumption
Heated water capacity(kg/h) 180 540 720 900
Electrical heating power(kW) 12 36 48 60
Electricity AC380、50Hz、3φ/AC440V、60Hz、3φ
The thickness of the external thermal layer(mm) 40
The thickness of outer galvanized sheet steel(mm) 0.7

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