RDLM GM/RA Radar Type Level Gauge

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Working principle

The system is used for continuous level measurement. The sensor of the system emits pulses. These pulses are reflected by the product and received by the antenna as echoes. The running time of the pulses from emission to receiption is proportional to the distance and hence to the level. The determined level is converted into an appropriate output signal and outputted as measured valve.

Tech. Spec.

Power: DC24V
Protection class: IP67
Output signal: 4~20mAHART or PROFIBUS,2wires
Ex-proof degree: Exia IICT6
Accurancy: 0.2%FS, 0.5%FS
Type approval: CCS, GL, NK


Max measure height:35m
Contactless measure method
Medium temp.limit: 400 ,press.limit: 100 Bar
Max reduce potential damage by all-weather and solid housing。
Fine resolution, without long term drift, process echo signal by knowledge ware
Anti-temperature, anti high-pressure, anti enrich gas, anti layered gas, anti-sound, anti blast air, stive or steam
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