SICI(i)/SIOI(i) Fire Resistant TelephoneCable 250V(Individual Screen)

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China SICI(i)/SIOI(i) Fire Resistant TelephoneCable 250V(Individual Screen):

SICI(i) and SIOI(i) marine telephone and instrument cable is with the feature of Fire-Resistant.

Cable Construction

Conductor: Tinned Copper. IEC 60228 Class 2

Mica Tape

Insulation : XLPE Insulation

Individual Screen (i): Each pair and triad are indifivually screened by Aluminum Polyester tape with tinned copper wire

Inner Sheath : Halogen-free Thermoplastic Polyolefin(SHF1)

Armour : Galvanized Wire Braided/Tinned Copper Wire Braied

Outer Sheath : Halogen-free Thermoplastic Polyolefin(SHF1)


Design : IEC 60092-350, 376

Insulation Material : IEC 60092 -351

Sheath Material : IEC 60092-359

Flammability: IEC 60332-1 & IEC 60332-3 Category A

Halogen--free: IEC60754-1, IEC60754-2

Smoke Emission: IEC 61034-1, IEC61034-2

Cores & Size

Cores: 1P, 2P,3P,4P,5P,7P,10P,12P,14P,16P,19P,20P, 24P, 30P (P:Pair)

1T, 2T,3T,4T,5T,7T,10T,12T,14T,16T,19T,20T, 24T, 30T (Triad)

Size (sqmm): 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2.5


Halogen-free, Low Smoke, Flame retardant


The cable is fixed installation on ships and offshore units.

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