WGP2 Marine Horizontal Electrical Window Wiper

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China WGP2 Marine Horizontal Electrical Window Wiper:

WGP2 Type Horizontal Electrical Window Woper is new type to be used for side scuttles in the pilot house and operating cab. It is powered by an speed-adjustable motor. Its guide rail is made of aluminum alloy,which drives rubber wiper blade mounted at lower end of stainless steel swing rod.

Main Technical Data

1. Power Supply: AC220V, AC110V or DC24V.

2. Frequency:50HZ/60HZ.

3. Wiper Speed:0.5-1.2M/Sec.

4. Consumed Power of Motor:<=120W.

5. Consumed power of Heater: <=300W.

6. Protection Grade: IP56.

7. Outline Dimension of control box: Box 130x100x132mm, Faceplate:150x120x4.

8. Power Box Extenernal Dimension: Box 250x200x145mm, Mounted Dimension: 280x170.

9. Weight: 26KGS.

10. Optional: Heater, Waterworks, automatic resetting.

Type Power Body Length Wiper Stroke Arm Length Blade Length
WGP2-JR AC220V/AC110V 1000-3000mm 500-2700mm 400-800mm 400-1000mm

How to Order?

1. Please specify the model, swing distance, swing length, blade length, number of swing arms and addional heater.

2. Please specify if special requirement.

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