CGMA Mass Flowmeter

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China CGMA Mass Flowmeter:

It can directly measure the mass flow rate of sealing liquid in pipeline,a flow measurement sensor and the signal converter is composed of two parts, which can directly measure mass flow of liquid, high measurement accuracy(the measuring accuracy can be ensured in 01%,05% ),(widely used in industrial media,in addition to the normal fluid measurement can also measure the general fluid measuring instruments that are difficult to measure such as non newtonian fluid, slurry suspension etc) ship industry, chemical industry, petroleum industry, transportation industry,pharmaceutical industry,papermaking industry,textile printing and dyeing industry, fuel industry, food industry.

Size Chart:

Model Nominal Diameter(mm) Flow Rate(kg/h)
CGMA-9000-5 5 0-1800
CGMA-9000-10 10 0-1800-2000
CGMA-9000-15 15 0-3600-4500
CGMA-9000-20 20 0-6000-7200
CGMA-9000-25 25 0-9600-12000
CGMA-9000-32 32 0-18000-21000
CGMA-9000-40 40 0-30000-36000
CGMA-9000-50 50 0-48000-60000
CGMA-9000-80 80 0-150000-180000
CGMA-9000-100 100 0-240000-280000
CGMA-9000-150 150 0-480000-600000
CGMA-9000-200 200 0-900000-1200000


Liquid flow rate measurement accuracy: ±0.2 to 0.5% Repeatability:±0.03 to 0.15%

Liquid density measurement accuracy: 0.5 to 2g/cm3 Measurement accuracy:±0.002g/cm3

Temperature measurement range and accuracy:

Measurement range:-100 to 300 ℃ Precision: ±1 ℃

Measurement medium temperature range:-50 ℃ to 200℃

Applicable temperature :-40 ℃ to 70℃

Material:SS316L tube SS304 housing.

Working pressure:0 to 4Mpa

Mark: Exd(IB) IIC T3-T6


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